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Times Union Reports Driver Had A “Significant” Amount of Marijuana In His Systems During Fatal Crash

Smart Approaches to Marijuana New York (SAM NY) President and former senior drug policy advisor to President Obama Dr. Kevin Sabet released the following statement today in response to reports in the Albany Times Union that the driver in the fatal Schoharie limousine crash that killed 20 people last October, “had a ‘significant’ amount of marijuana in his system at the time he died.” Crash was one of the deadliest automobile accidents in New York history:

“It is incomprehensible that the Governor and the legislature would even consider expanding the availability of high-potency marijuana. This horrible tragedy should leave no doubt for legislators about the serious risks associated with driving while impaired by marijuana. It flies in the face of logic to work to strengthen limousine regulations, while expanding the use of drugs that can impair drivers across the state.

“We know that drugged-driving will only get worse following legalization. Drugged-driving fatalities doubled in Washington state after legalization and reports found that rates of drivers under the influence of marijuana doubled to ‘one in five’ following legalization. Colorado too saw its drugged driving rates more than double, going from killing roughly one person every 6.5 days to every 2.5 days. Nationwide, studies have demonstrated that 40 percent of drivers who were involved in fatal crashes and were tested for drugs, tested positive for some form of marijuana. The facts and figures overwhelmingly demonstrate just how unsafe marijuana, especially high-potency THC products, can make our roads.”